Let us start by saying thank you for caring enough to check us out. We want to be a resource to you whether or not you or a loved one chooses to work with us. For any questions you might have, give us a call at (573) 471-7861 or email us at We understand there are a lot of emotions involved in any transition in life especially if it includes skilled nursing. We are here as a resource to help you through this difficult process or to help in providing you the resources to keep you or your loved one at home. If you are interested in a class on caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s, or joining a support group, let us know.


Transitioning from home or Assisted Living to a Skilled Nursing Facility is an emotional step for everyone.  We take pride in making this transition as easy as possible on everyone involved. 

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us and let us assist you.  After speaking with us about SNF care and you come to the conclusion you are not ready for long-term care placement, we also have the resources to connect you to in order to make sure you get all of the care and attention that you need at home.  

Financial Options

We are equipped to help you navigate through the financial piece of staying with us. Please call our Director of Community Development or contact us by email. We are certified to accept: Medicare, Medicaid, Private Pay and most private insurance plans including Tricare West for our Veterans. If you do not have Medicaid, we have the paperwork to get you started and we are more than happy to assist you throughout that process. If you have Medicaid coverage in another state and need to switch to MO Medicaid we can help with that as well.